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DLonBridge IP Lonworks to Ethernet bridge

The DLonBridge-IP is part of our bridge family.

This device is a low cost option to interconnect a FT-10 network with an Ethernet/IP network. The DlonBridge-IP implements the LonServer protocol and can be used either in peer-to-peer networks (i.e. to interconnect two buildings) or in multi-peers network in combination with a LonServer or LonSwitchServer.

The animation below illustrates the bridge functionality:

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If EIA852 compatibility is required, DLonBridge-IP devices can be connected to the LonSwitchServer of a DLONIP device who supports EIA852

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Technical specifications
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  • 9..24V DC
  • 4-positions DIN rail
  • 1 FT-10 port
  • 1 Ethernet 10/100Mbps port
  • activity & status leds
  • Dynamic buffer sizes for maximum buffering capabilities
  • Minimum delay
  • Packet shape and timing restoration