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DLonBridge RS FT

DlonBridge RS_FT

DLonBridge RS_FT is an infrastructure hardware device used to extend a FT-10 Lonworks network when either the nodes limit (64) or bus length (500m in Free topology, 2400m in bus topology) is reached.

Alternatively, the DLonBridge RS_FT can be used to bridge two FT-10 Lonworks segments over a serial RS232 link such as those provided by RF modems.

The DlonBridge RS_FT is based on our Bridge VHDL core and provides logical isolation between two segments or channels by filtering out noise and damaged packets.

Why a bridge instead of a physical repeater ?

This device can advantageously replace a physical repeater, because it reconstructs the lonworks packets timing and signal shape. It also filters out all corrupted packets. This means that if one segment of your network becomes faulty for any reason, the rest of your network will still work, which would not be the case with a physical repeater.

Why a bridge instead of a router ?

In some specific applications, a bridge can be more interesting than a router. Here are some differences:

  • The price of a bridge is about half of the price of a router
  • The bridge has no routing algorithm, therefore all packets will be transmitted from one side to the other. When networks are geographically and logically bound, a router may be more interesting as it may filter unnecessary packets and reduce the network load of a backbone. However, most applications, like those who send information to a center monitoring node or SCADA will not require routing algorithms, as packets from nodes should all go to the center node. A technical choice between a router and bridge can thus be influenced by the network topology and application running on top of it.
  • The DTI lonworks bridge uses dynamic size buffers to overcome the limitation of RTR10 routers who use fixed packet size. When using a router and if you need to allow large packets to pass through a router, then the number of buffers will be drastically reduced to a very few. The bridge stores packets and consumes only the required buffer space, therefore  you do not have to worry about dealing with buffer size, just plug and play !

Order codes

The Bridge is available in 3 variants:

Order code Description / remarks

Bridge feature between two FT-10 ports
Repeater feature between two FT-10 ports and bridge between this repeater and a serial RS232 line

DLONBRIDGE_FT Bridge feature between two FT-10 ports  (Minimum order quantity: 50 units)
DLONBRIDGE_RS Repeater feature between two FT-10 ports and bridge between this repeater and a serial RS232 line (Minimum order quantity: 50 units)

Technical specifications
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  • 9..24V DC
  • 6-positions DIN rail
  • 2 FT-10 ports
  • 1 serial RS232 port
  • Plug & play
  • Dynamic buffer sizes for maximum buffering capabilities
  • Minimum delay
  • Packet shape and timing restoration