Lonworks solutions for OEM and Integrators

Software products

We have been creating Lonworks solutions for more than 15 years !

Reduce your time to market and improve efficiency by having a quick look at our various software solutions

Multilon2: a .NET Lonworks configuration and application server. The ideal tool to create custom applications that need to commission and control Lonworks devices. Works on Windows and Linux ! Not LNS based, no credit to pay per installed nodes !

Lonworks Software Kit: a native or .NET API (Windows or Linux, Intel or ARM architectures) which implements the Lonworks communication stack and allows you to create software virtual nodes on a host platform. Support SNVTs, explicit messages, mutli-threaded applications and much more !

DSA Framework: a .NET framework for embedded gateways which takes care of all annoying tasks such as service installation/upgrade/dependencies, configuration parameters, web interface mechanisms... Use this framework, focus on your business and cut your development time and costs !

LonServer and LonSwitchServer virtual bus: A simple virtual bus for Lonworks transport. Use it internally to a device or on a LAN to connect multiple EIA709.1 software stacks without having to configure a EIA852 network